1431 Port Cunnington Road
Dwight, Ontario



Totem is located near the town of
Dwight Ontario, about 20 minutes
outside of Algonquin Park on scenic
Lake of Bays, in quiet and peaceful
Haystack Bay.

Directions from Huntsville, Ontario:

Take Highway 60 East to Dwight (it will take about 20 minutes to get to Dwight).

After you pass through the town of Dwight, bear right onto Highway 35 South to Dorset and Lindsay. There will be a convenient store on your left as you bear onto Highway 35 (if you get all the way to Algonquin Park, then you missed this turn).

After about 2 - 3 km. on Highway 35, you’ll cross over the Oxtongue River. Take the first right exit, Fox Point Road Muskoka Road 21.

When you get to the fork in the road (about 2 km down the road), bear right onto Muskoka Road 22. After about another 5 km. you’ll see a Totem pole on the left (although it is in somewhat of a fading state and is set back from the road a bit).

Turn left into the driveway immediately following the Totem pole. The driveway is at resident number 1431 as noted by the blue sign (these are fire numbers to let the fire dept. know where you are). When you pull in the driveway, the brick house is straight ahead. Bear left for the Hemlock cabin; you can park in the area in front of the 2 sheds.

If you get to Port Cunnington Lodge, you’ve gone too far past the Totem pole.

A souvenir: Enjoy a printable version of our Totem postcard and share with a friend!

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